Support options


Our staff provide support to people either in their own homes or in

their family homes. This can vary greatly from just a few hours a

week to several times a day.


Family members, Social Workers and Support Managers can all help

when it comes to individuals choosing the support that's right for them.


* Individuals can find out how many hours of support they are entitled to from the Community Team at Social Services, who can be contacted on 01925 444185. The Community Team will assess your needs and from this a decision will be made about how many hours of support you will receive.


Once individuals know how many hours of support they will receive it's time to think about when they want those hours, what days, times etc. Support hours can be

used for many things such as learning independent living skills e.g. cooking,

cleaning, paying bills, finding new hobbies or employment.   



We have staff who can help individuals with all of these things. If you would like further information about the support Warrington Mencap can offer please call us on

01925 232260. We will then come and meet with you and talk about how we can best support you.




Warrington Mencap, Suites 3-5, 3 Bewsey Road, Warrington, WA2 7LN           01925 232260